Weedingtech provide the world's leading herbicide-free technology for weed, moss and algae control.

They required a showcase video for their new product, the Foamstream L12, the first machine in their Foamstream Lite range. Weedingtech wanted something short and snappy which showed all the key benefits and features of their exciting new product. We shot over two days with a short post production time as the L12 was due to launch at a trade show in America soon after filming. We are now producing the video in other languages.

"Thrive have become so much more to us than a video production company, after years of working together they have become good friends of ours who know our business inside and out and help us promote our products worldwide.

From initial concept to final delivery, Thrive provide us with a friendly, professional and attentive experience. 

They always deliver above and beyond what we expect from them."

- Thomas Hamilton, Commercial Director at Weedingtech.