We were thrilled to create this video for Accumulate, The Art School for the Homeless. 

Sound Judgement, is the first online radio station that has been created, from concept to production, by people affected by homelessness and who attended the Accumulate podcast workshops. This Accumulate project gave confidence, purpose and skills to this group and they became more empowered throughout the learning process. The group worked together as a team to research, plan, record and broadcast on the subjects that matter to them and they became the voice of the homeless through the Sound Judgement podcasts. You can listen to the podcasts on Mixcloud or Spotify.

"We have received a HUGE amount of positive, elated feedback on the Sound Judgement video! Seriously, the participants love it so much, they are so proud and can see how far they have come on this learning journey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

- Marice Cumber, Accumulate Founder.